Our Engagement Story

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Jennifer and I were apart from each other pretty much all of 2003. From January to August, Jennifer was up in Hartford, CT working for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines and I was working for Braun Intertec in Minneapolis, MN from June to December. We, Jennifer especially, were familiar with flying that year.

Later in the year, I knew I wanted to propose to Jennifer and she was expecting/wanting it. I decided to pick a very romantic holiday to “pop the question” since I was visiting her in Rolla for the weekend. So we got engaged on October 31, 2003. Yes, it was Halloween!

Jennifer picked me up St. Louis airport on Thursday and she had a lab on Friday after lunch when I planned to get ready to ask her, but just a few minutes later she said she was done & I wasn’t ready! I changed it a little so she didn’t have to wait so long.

I started the process with a scavenger hunt to find me. I changed it by having her start from the building she was at so I put a note with the first clue. It was to go where we first met (the Baptist Student Union). The next note led her to her old room where we would hang out, then where I we first prayed together, we studied (library 3rd floor), our old dorm, her sorority, my apartment, then the park we would hang out a lot. I probably missed a couple spots that I had her go.

At the park, I came up behind her and blindfolded her. Then I led her on a trust walk, where she had to follow my lead while being blindfolded. I lead her a long way to where I asked her out two year before. (Side note: when I asked her out, it was in during Freshmen week late at night when we decided to go for a walk in the rain) I was trying to make it a surprise where we were at, but she guessed it by the sound of an ATM! Well, I got on one knee, removed the blindfold, and asked if she would marry me. She said yes!

We were very happy and visited my mom that weekend, I believe. These pictures are from my roommate using my camera. It was his first time using a digital camera so he wasn’t used to it (that is why it is blurring). My other roommate had a better angle and a tripod with his camera, but forgot his batteries that he was charging so they wouldn’t go dead while taking pictures of us. Jennifer didn’t know they watched us getting engaged!

Well that is the story of how we got engaged!

P.S.-That building we are next to is now torn down. Now where we got engaged is in the middle of a grass lawn.



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We met nine years ago the day before our college classes began our freshmen year. We had to be there a week early for freshmen week and on Sunday, the Baptist Student Union had an open house. When I first saw her, I really liked her. She definitely caught my eye. I, on the other hand, did not catch hers! If you know me, you know I am shy. But if you knew me in high school, I was very shy. Well, I liked her so much that I had the courage to go up and talk to her. We talked and later went our separate ways not to see each other again for two months. She didn’t remember me that much for UMR is 80% guys and 20% girls so there are a lot of guys for her to choose from. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

When I saw her again was for trip up to St Louis to go to a Third Day concert. I was thrilled to see her, however I wasn't thrilled to find out she was dating someone. Even more so, someone I had classes with and didn't care for the guy. Thankfully, their relationship ended soon there after.

Well, we got to know each other a little bit as the semester went on with her roommate and my friend both being Mormon that got us to see each other more. We hung out more until before Christmas break I wanted to ask her out, but because of her past relationship didn’t want to date. Well, we didn’t officially start dating until August 2001, but we pretty much started dating in February 2001 when I gave her a Valentines Day gift. Also, I had a bad day that Valentine’s Day since I had three tests and career fair so I asked her for dinner and told her if I didn’t get A’s on all tests I would pay for her dinner & if I did she paid for her dinner. I paid. I’ll let you guess if I got A’s on the tests.

We dated for two years before getting engaged but it wasn’t easy for all of 2003 we were in different states and states and saw each other about 8-10 times that year. In 2002, I was a summer missionary so we didn’t get to see each other or talk hardly at all. Too bad cell phones were common then.

I’ll write about our engagement next entry.


Five Years Down, Many Years to Go!

Jennifer and I got married five years ago today. We got married in Macon, MO at First Baptist Church. I have been asked to share our engagement story, but I figured I would start at the beginning. I am so glad she is my wife and look forward to growing old with her, raising kids with her and going through life with her by my side. I am excited about the future for us, especially with a kid on the way! :-)

I am going to break up the blog entries into:
-Engagement & Wedding
-Maybe later leading up to now.


Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Chapter 1: Stop Praying

I will try to write about my journey through the book, but I won't write too much now for I have to get ready for W2P that our church has tonight (Worship, Prayer, Potluck). I did have some things written, but lost it. :-(

What I got out of this chapter was the awe of God. I posted a video last post that he encourages the reader to watch to see how big the universe is and what God created. I am selfish and think too often that God is there for me not that I was created for God. I wonder what God will do for me or plan for me and how He will help me out. I want to have the control, but God is the creator, He is the only one that is Holy, set apart, worthy of honor and praise and glory. Not my life. I'm not God. The story is not about me, but God. I have a part in the story, but isn't about me.

This morning at church, Don Pucik was guest preaching for Mike is out on vacation in Destin, FL. At the end, he asked: Is God's mission...my mission? He was talking about we are on mission wherever we are and to follow God's mission, not ours. Too often do I make a decision and ask God to bless it rather than for seeking God's will in it and obey. He is the one in control. He made the stars. He made me. He knows me better than I know myself.

At the end of the chapter, Chan refers to Revelation 4 when John gets to see the throne of God in heaven. When there he hears the angels sing day and night:
"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, the Almighty,
Who was and who is and who is to come"
and the 24 elders bow down to say
"Worthy are You, our Lord and our God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for You created all things, and because of
Your will they existed and were created." (Rev 4:8,11)

This is a beautiful worship song that I love hearing Katy Sears sing at church that comes from Rev. 4:


Crazy Love

I have heard from several friends at church, through Stuff Christians Like blog, and a friend from college about the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I figured I better check it out since I have heard such great things about it.

I have listened to the book because I heard about it being for free in July at https://christianaudio.com/free (so get it this week), but you don't get as much just hearing it. Even though it is nice being Francis reading it so you hear his mannerisms while reading it.

I got the book this week and both Jennifer and I have starting reading it. Kind of great that with listening to it and now reading it, I hear Francis' voice when reading it and get more out of it now.

I encourage you to check it out. I am hopefully going to blog of what I get out of it.

The Awe Factor of God video by Francis Chan: